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Mezzanine flooring designed and installed for office, retail, industrial, storage, warehouse and distribution applications.

We offer you the complete bespoke mezzanine flooring service. From your initial phone call we can advise you on the best system that will suit your particular needs, we make a site visit and after appraising your requirements will design the most appropriate system to fit your budget.

For FREE advice on which mezzanine flooring system will best suit your needs or to arrange a free site visit, please phone Mike Pusey on 0800 169 6044 NOW!

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All component parts and materials for our floors are manufactured by Davicon, the UK's leading manufacturer of wide span steel mezzanine floors. They have the largest dedicated mezzanine floor production facility in the country, so you can be confident of a constantly high quality, cost efficient product, swift lead times and competitive prices. 

We at Interior Design Developments are one of Davicons leading accredited designers and installers of custom mezzanine floors.

We employ our own design and project management teams with extensive experience of delivering large and small, simple and complex mezzanine floor installation solutions. Where difficult or technical issues are raised, we have our own fully qualified structural engineers on hand to find the correct solution for you.

"The secret to unlocking the wasted space most efficiently lies in good design and ensuring the mezzanine is specified most appropriately for its intended use".

Finding Room To Grow

Office Mezzanine Floors

Releasing dead or unused space by installing a mezzanine floor for extra office space is very often the ideal solution for companies needing to expand or consolidate its operations without the expense and disruption of relocating the business. The additional space can be used to accommodate offices as well as offering increased storage and production space.

We can also offer you the full office design and installation service including suspended ceilings, lighting, heating, air conditioning, electrical works, floor coverings and partitioning to provide sound insulation and fire proofing on the mezzanine floor.

Retail and Showroom Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are increasingly used to create additional space within a retail environment. Our flooring units are ideal for increasing floor and display areas on the same or on tiered levels. Working to a fast track programme we'll ensure your retail floor is brought into productive use as soon as possible with minimal disruption. This type of custom mezzanine flooring system has been supplied to some of the largest names on the high street including Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Halfords and Sainsbury's.

We can also offer you the full design and installation of staircases, elevators, floor coverings, ceilings, lighting and electrics etc to complete your new retail or showroom mezzanine.

Industrial, Warehousing & Distribution Mezzanines

We are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial mezzanine floors, along with partitions, electrics, lighting, roofs and ceilings etc for small or large factories, industrial premises, warehouses and distribution centres. These single, two and three-tier systems have been installed at some of the UK's largest sites. Each floor incorporates full fire protection, safety barriers, access gates and equipment as required.

Mezzanines Above Your Expectations

ü  Full building regulations made on your behalf

ü  Detailed site survey carried out by qualified project engineers

ü  Detailed structural drawings and calculations provided

ü  Detailed quotations provided with a breakdown of costs and prices

ü  All floors designed using bespoke 3D solid modelling Advance Steel software

ü  All floors manufactured in a dedicated custom mezzanine floor production facility using state of the art automatic punching and drilling machines

ü  Installation scheduled to suit your work load and business requirements

ü  Rapid and efficient installation by our qualified teams

ü  Full supply and installation of ancillary products and services such as air conditioning, lighting, office partitioning, suspended ceilings, electrical works, heating, floor coverings, building works, benching, window blinds, data cabling and racking & shelving etc

All the pictures on this website are just a brief illustration of some of the systems, designs and colours available. The complete range of mezzanines available is huge. Please ask for details.

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Mezzanine Floors
Mezzanine Floor Construction

Mezzanine Floors

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We design, and are constructors, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of wide span steel mezzanine floors, heavy duty industrial mezzanine floors with ceilings or roofs, retail mezzanine floors, warehouse mezzanine floors and specially engineered mezzanine platforms to companies. Free photographs of mezzanine floors may be downloaded from this website.

Interior Design Developments design, and are constructors, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of wide span steel mezzanine floors, heavy duty industrial mezzanine floors with ceilings or roofs, retail mezzanine floors, warehouse mezzanine floors and specially engineered mezzanine platforms to companies in the south of England

Interior Design Developments are a company that design mezzanine floors, simple mezzanine floor platforms with ladders, straight stairs or staircases that turn at right angles, specifically designed mezzanine floors with fire protection, sound or heat insulation, open plan, metal heavy duty mezzanine floor pallet racking and metal storage shelving with access gates, complex modular mezzanine flooring systems for distribution centres and warehousing depots and are main mezzanine floor contractors offering custom engineered mezzanine flooring services.

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